Wheel Cleaning.

What do you need?

Pressure washer or strong hose gun, Iron remover, wheel cleaner, wheel brush, arch brush, old wash mitt, a bucket and microfiber clothes

How long will it take?

In reality probably under 10 minutes per wheel/arch once you are in the swing of things if you're cleaning the wheels on the car. However every vehicle is different! Our top tip - DON'T RUSH!

Taking each wheel at a time, firstly spray the wheel liberally with an iron fallout remover, don't worry if you get any on the tyres, you can also spray the arches too as most likely you will want to give them a good rinse down as part of the wheel cleaning process, leave the fallout remover a few minutes to dwell and turn a deep purple colour depending on the level of contamination.


Once left to dwell, thoroughly rinse the arches, tyres and wheels with fresh water/pressure washer to remove and eliminate the remaining fallout remover.

Next, fill a bucket up with wheel soap and warm water or if using a trigger spray to clean wheels get that handy, get a good wheel brush and arch brush ready too. If using a trigger spray, spray the wheel all over the face and in the barrel as much as possible and work all areas with your brush, same goes if you are using a bucket and wheel soap, use an old wash mitt if you have one and give the wheels a good going over and then finish with your wheel brush all those harder to reach corners and wheel bolts. We also give the side walls of the tyres a quick scrub to get any old dressings or road grime off, if the water turns black with dirt, empty it out and refill so you are not putting dirty water onto your wheels and potentially scratching them with grit and debris.

If you are using a bucket with wheel soap we also dunk our arch brush into the water and give the arches a scrub applying firm but not too hard pressure under the arches, use as much water as needed to keep the arches nice and wet as the arches tend to hide a lot of dirt and debris, don't scrub any of your paintwork.

Once finished thoroughly rinse the wheel, tyre and arches, repeat on each wheel, assuming your are going to wash the whole vehicle there is no need to dry the wheels or arches at this stage, if you are just doing wheels we suggest using some old clean cloths or microfiber cloths to dry your wheels and arches.