Chemical Guys Lemon & Lime odour eliminator 16oz

CVR Auto Supply


Stale air and foul odours have met their match with Chemical Guys zesty lemon lime this combination air freshener and odour eliminator replaces old food smells, body odours, cooking fumes, and musty air conditioning funk with the tangy zing of fresh-cut lemons and limes. The crisp citrus overtones freshen the air while active odor enzymes permanently eliminate foul odours at their source. A few spritzes of zesty lemon lime replaces foul odours with pleasant scents, and helps prevent bad smells from popping up in the future. Refresh the air in any car, truck, SUV, or RV as part of an interior detail. Eliminate Moldy and mildew odours blowing from air conditioning vents with zesty lemon lime as part of an AC system flush. Use zesty lemon lime for fresh air in any enclosed space, like automobiles, homes, offices, locker rooms, and any other place that could use a fresh clean scent. Upgrade your air freshener palette and choose the invigorating and refreshing scent of Chemical Guys zesty lemon lime air freshener & odour eliminator.