Chemical Guys Morning Wood air freshener 16oz

CVR Auto Supply

Wake up with the gentlemanly Musk of Chemical Guys morning wood scent. Who knew you could bottle the scent of hard wood? makers of fine perfumes, colognes, and oil-based diffuser scents have turned to woody fragrances to inspire a feeling of sophistication, refinement, and masculinity, and now you can enjoy the same refined body fragrances while traveling in the automobile. Chemical Guys morning wood scent captures the woody and earthy essence of sandalwood, Cedar, pine, and redwood. It's the scent for a lumberjack at a white tie dinner party. Chemical Guys scents are not just air fresheners, they use refined enzymes to eliminate odours completely, then help prevent new odours from popping up over time. Stale odours and old food smells fouling up the car? mist some morning wood scent to destroy odour-causing maladies at their source and keep the air smelling clean and fresh. Freshen the air inside any Coupe, Sedan, SUV, or any other enclosed space that needs a touch of class. Do the spaces in the car, home, or office need some freshening up? release the stiff tension of bad odours and smelly air with Chemical Guys morning wood scent.