Chemical Guys Moto Clear Vision Helmet Cleaner and Protect RRP £11.95

CVR Auto Supply

Safe motorcycle riding starts with a clear view of the road ahead. Chemical Guys Clear Vision Helmet Cleaner helps riders navigate the world with crystal clarity. Normal riding conditions leaves helmets covered in bugs, water spots, road grime, and foggy film. Cleaning with the wrong products scratches up clear visors and makes riding dangerous. Clear Vision Helmet Cleaner lubricates any dirt and grime for scratch-free cleaning and wiping over clear visors, glossy plastic, shiny painted parts, matte wraps and satin decals, and even carbon fiber. The custom helmet cleaner is blended with a unique spray sealant to protect all glossy, matte, and clear parts from the elements. Protect helmets from pollution, contamination, fading from harsh UV sunlight, and any swirls and scratches from improper cleaning and wiping. Just mist a few sprays of Clear Vision over exterior helmet parts, wipe clean with a premium microfiber towel, then buff dry to perfection. Clear Vision is even safe for cleaning the inside of the visor shield for clear vision through and through. Clean and protect helmets so they can keep you safe on the road with Chemical Guys Clear Vision Helmet Cleaner & Protectant.